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Around the World in Eighty Days funny quotes

Around the World in Eighty Days funny quotes (1956)

Railway Official: There’€™s still fifty miles of track to be laid between here and Allabahad.

Phileas Fogg: But the London newspapers announced the opening of this railway throughout.

Railway Official: That must have been The Daily Telegraph. Never would have read that in The Times.

Saloon Bouncer: Listen, you. Get out and stay out. If I ever catch you in here again, I’€™ll cut you up in a thousand pieces.

Col. Proctor Stamp: What kind of foreigner are you? Are you a hoochie-coochie dancer?

Saloon Hostess: Never be in a hurry. You’€™ll miss the best parts in life.

Phileas Fogg: Madam, you don’€™t understand. I’€™m looking for my man.
Saloon Hostess: So am I.

Phileas Fogg: You play an abominable game of whist, sir.

Col. Proctor Stamp: Thanks. You’€™re still a foreigner, but you’€™re true blue.

Stationmaster: I never will understand you city folk. Always rushing, rushing, rushing, always in a hurry. That’€™s why you have stomach trouble.

Sporting Lady: Call a bobbie! I’€™ve been robbed.

Passepartout (Cantinflas): Is that necessary?
Mr. Fix: It’€™s not necessary. Mandatory.

Mr. Fix: Follow that ostrich!

Princess Aouda: Mr. Fogg, why must you be so’€¦ so British?

Phileas Fogg: An Englishman never jokes about a wager, sir.

Monsieur Gasse, Travel Agent: Monsieur! You are now addressing the second most celebrated balloonist in Europe.
Phileas Fogg: And who is the first?
Monsieur Gasse, Travel Agent: He is not available. He was, uh, buried last Tuesday.

Sir Francis Gromarty: One thousand pounds for an elephant? It’€™s outrageous! You’ve been diddled.
Phileas Fogg: Undoubtedly. But it’€™s not often one needs an elephant in a hurry.

Phileas Fogg: Madam, will you join me on the veranda? I understand they serve an outstanding lemon squash.

Princess Aouda: Have there been any women in his life?
Passepartout (Cantinflas): I assume he had a mother, but I am not certain.

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