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The woman and the three parrots

The woman and the three parrots

A woman goes to a pet store, and has her pick of three talking parrots …

A woman went to a pet store to buy a parrot.  The pet store owner told her, “I have three parrots for sale that were once owned by the staff members of an elementary school.  This first one, for instance, belonged to the principal.”

The parrot squawked and said, “You’re expelled! You’re expelled!”

The store owner took the woman to the second parrot, and explained: “This parrot was owned by an English teacher.”

The parrot squawked and said, “To be, or not to be.”

Not interested in either of these parrots, the woman asked to see the third parrot.  The pet store owner explained, “This bird was owned by the bus driver.”

“And what does he say?” asked the woman.  In reply, the parrot squawked “Sit down and be quiet! Sit down and be quiet!”

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