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One liner Snowman Jokes

One liner Snowman Jokes – A collection of one-liner jokes about snowmen – Happy Holidays

  • What do snowmen wear on their heads ?
    Ice caps !
  • What do snowmen eat for lunch ?
    Icebergers !
  • Where do snowmen go to dance ?
    Snowballs !
  • How do snowmen travel around ?
    By icicle !
  • What sort of ball doesn’€™t bounce ?
    A snowball !

  • SnowmanHow do you know when there is a snowman in your bed ?
    You wake up wet !
  • How can you tell a Snowman from a Snowwoman?
    The Snowwoman is the one wearing the make-up!
  • How do snowmen greet each other?
    Ice to meet you!
  • What do snow kids have for breakfast?
    Ice Krispies!
  • What do snowmen have for breakfast?
  • What do snowmen like on their burgers?
    Chilly sauce!
  • What do you call a snowman in the summer?
    A puddle
  • What do you call a Snowman in the Tropics?
  • What do you call a snowman on roller blades?
    A snowmobile!
  • What do you get if cross a snowman and a shark ?
    Frost bite !
  • What do you get when you cross a snowman with a baker?
    Frosty the Dough-man!
  • What do you say to a stressed snowman?
    Chill out!
  • What does a Snowman take when he gets sick?
    A chill pill!
  • What does a snowman’€™s wife put on her face at night?
    Cold cream!
  • What is a Snowman’€™s favorite Drink?
    Ice Tea!
  • What kind of cakes do snowmen like?
    The kind with lots of frosting!
  • What’€™s a snowman’€™s favourite Mexican food?
  • Where do snowmen keep their money?
    In a ‘€œSnow”-bank!
  • Why did the snowman go to the middle of the lake?
    Because snowman is an island!
  • Why is it so cold at Christmas?
    Because it’€™s Decembrrrrrrrr!
  • What happened when the snowgirl had an argument with the snowboy ?
    She gave him the cold shoulder !

2 thoughts on “One liner Snowman Jokes

  1. Eli Lowry says:

    I love your humorous content. I love to make people laugh as well. The best thing about your humor is that it is clean. I am going to continue to follow your blog.

  2. Frank Oliva SR says:

    What did one snowman say to the other?
    Do you smell Carrots?

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