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Funny movie quotes from Road to Bali

Funny movie quotes from Road to Bali (1952) starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour

Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): He’s gonna sing, folks. Now’s the time to go out and get the popcorn.

Princess Lala (Dorothy Lamour): Do you always fight over girls?
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): Well, what else can we fight over? We’ve never had any money
[Looking straight into the camera]
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): That’s for Washington!

[a female ape has sat on Harold’s lap]
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): Oh, buster, I don’t like the look in her eye!
[the ape swung a paw at George]
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): George, get a rock, a club, anything! Kill one of us!

[Harold has been caught in a tree snare, proving the island is inhabited]
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): I wonder what the locals are like?
Princess Lala (Dorothy Lamour): I hope they’e not cannibals or head shrinkers!
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): I hope they’e orange pickers – I want to get out of this tree!
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): Oh, stop squaking, You’ll fall off when you’re ripe!
[George and Princess Lala pull Harold down]
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): This is the sloppiest hanging I ever attended!

[George and Harold are surrounded by beautiful native women. Offstage voice shrieks ‘€œA-ough! Oh no!’€]
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): What’s that?
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): Oh, that’s Errol Flynn. He can’t stand it.

Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): [Caught in an animal trap and suspended in the air] Get me down! My brain’s rushing to my head.

[One of the film’s many cameos]
Princess Lala (Dorothy Lamour): Look!
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): The African Queen! Humphrey Bogart?
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): Boy, is he lost!
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): Hey! Hey, Bogie!
[All three run toward Bogart]
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): Hey, jungle fever! That’s what we got. That was just a mirage!
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): Oh yeah? What about this?
[Holding up a trophy]
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): Humphrey Bogart’s Academy Award!
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): An Oscar! Gimme that, you got one. Friends, this is a great occasion, me receiving this Academy Award. And I’d like to say a word’€¦
[roar from offstage]
George Cochran (Bing Crosby): Run!
Harold Gridley (Bob Hope): That’s the word!

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