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A long way to tip a Rary

Groaner pun alert – a long way to tip a Rary — enjoy!

A man goes into a pet shop and asks for something unusual.

The owner shows him a rabbit-like animal, and says, ‘€œThis is a Rary. They only move about by rolling around, and to get one started you have to give it sort of a pat, but they’€™re clean.’€

So the man buys the Rary, but after it’€™s been home for a while, it starts rolling about uncontrollably and breaking his things.

The shop owner won’€™t take it back, so he drives 100 km out of town to a tall cliff, intending to give it a push off.

He meets someone there, and after hearing the story, the fellow remarks, ‘€œThat’€™s a long way to tip a Rary!’€


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