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True Calls to the IRS

True Calls to the IRS – Of course, as April 15th approaches, we tend to think of all of the evil, nasty people at the IRS (Infernal Revenue Service) … but we forget about the other side of the coin …

Caller: I want to know if I should file married or single.
IRS: Are you married?
Caller: Well, sort of ….
IRS: What?
Caller: Well, we did get married, but we’€™re not counting on it.

Caller: I got a letter from you guys and I want to know what you want.
IRS: What does it say?
Caller: Just a minute, I’€™ll open it.

Caller: I’€™m a bookkeeper and I need to know if ten $100 bills make a thousand dollars or only ten hundred dollars.
IRS: Both. It’€™s the same amount.
Caller: So why do I get a different answer every time I move the decimal point?

Caller: Could you please send me some of those WD-40’€™s?



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