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The taxi in Chicago

A man in Chicago, who had been trying to hail a cab for 15 minutes, finally succeeded.  The cab came to a stop, but before he could enter an older woman wearing jewels and furs jumped in.  Disturbed, the man walked to the cabbie before he pulled away.

The man asked, “Did you come to the curb on my signal, sir?”

The cabbie replied, “Yessir, I did.”

As the man pulled a thick wad of bills out of his pocket he said, “Very good.  Take this money and drive your cab around the block as long as this lasts.”

With a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye, the cabbie agreed and pulled away from the curb. After the cab circled the block the third time, the woman leaped out of the car in a rage, while the gentleman entered his cab and drove off.

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