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The secret to a long life

The secret to a long life – Amazingly enough, this old man has some very … calm … suggestions for living a long life

The local newspaper had heard that a local resident, Benny Smith, was coming up to his 110th birthday, so they sent one of their reporters to interview him.

“How do you account for your longevity?” asked the reporter.

“You could say that I am a health nut,” Benny answered. “I have never smoked or drunk alcohol, I am always in bed by ten o’clock, I’ve been going to folk dance classes since I was a teenager and I’ve always walked three miles a day, even in rain or snow.”

“But,” said the reporter, “my uncle followed exactly the same routine and he died when he was 75. So how come it didn’t work for him?”

“All I can say,” replied Benny “is that he didn’t keep it up long enough.”

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