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Thank You Notes

It’s good to remember to send thank you notes … *after* your visit!

I think that everyone has, if not a friend, a relative who’s organized.  Very organized.  Extremely organized.  Too organizedfor their own good.

For example, there’s the story of the young man going on an extended summer vacation.  His first stop on the trip was at his organized sister’s house.  Before she leaves on a trip, she types up address labels for the postcards.

This time, he thought that he had outdone done her.  He bragged to his sister, “You’ll be impressed. I’ve already written thank-you notes to everyone with whom I’ll be staying. They’re all stamped and ready to go.”

For a moment, his sister was quiet, and she then said in a quiet voice, “You mean those little envelopes I saw in your room and mailed this morning?”

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