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Funny movie quotes from Copacabana

Funny movie quotes from Copacabana, a funny movie starring Groucho Marx and Carmen Miranda Lionel Q. Devereaux (Groucho Marx): Well, Steve Hunt, my life-long pal. You haven’t changed a bit.Steve Hunt (Steve Cochran): Do I know you?Lionel Q. Devereaux (Groucho Marx): Do you know me? Lionel Q. Devereaux,...
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Funny quotes from Groucho Marx

Funny quotes from Groucho Marx, master of the one-liner Funny quotes from Groucho Marx — both from his most famous movies as one of the Marx Brothers (Duck Soup, A Day at the Races, A Night at the Opera, etc.) But what makes wage slaves? Wages! (Groucho Marx...
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