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Funny movie quotes from Having Wonderful Time

Funny movie quotes from Having Wonderful Time, starring Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Lucille Ball, Red Skelton At the office Frances (Dorothy Tree): Aren’t you lucky. The nearest I’ll get to a vacation this year is a far away look in my eye.
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We’ll Build a Bungalow – song lyrics

song lyrics to We’ll Build a Bungalow from the classic I Love Lucy episode, The Benefit – as sung by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz We’ll build a bungalow, big enough for twoBig enough for two (my honey), yes me and youAnd when we’re married, happy we’ll beUnder the bamboo, underneath...
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Funny movie quotes from Miss Grant takes Richmond

Funny movie quotes from Miss Grant Takes Richmond In Miss Grant takes Richmond, Dick Richmond (William Holden) is a sharp bookmaker whose unproductive real estate office is a cover for his gambling operation. Unaware of his real line of work, eager but incompetent Ellen Grant (Lucille Ball) signs on as Dick’s...
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Room Service

Funny movie quotes from Room Service starring the Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, Harpo), Lucille Ball, Ann Miller Funny movie quotes from one of the Marx Brothers’ underrated films, ‘Room Service’
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