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Racetrack jokes

Racetrack jokes by Red Skelton – from The Red Skelton Hour episode, Love Is an Itch You Can’t Scratch I had a bad week. I went out to the Santa Anita racetrack. Santa Anita, that’s the annex to Bank of America. Santa Anita: that’s the place where the...
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Red Skelton Halloween Jokes

Halloween Jokes by Red Skelton, as told on his long-running television show I saw a guy wrapped up in about a thousand yards of bandages. I asked him, “Are you an Egyptian Mummy?” He replied, “No, a California Pedestrian!” (Here Comes the Bribe)
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Quotes from Freddie’s Heroes

Quotes from Freddie’s Heroes – The Red Skelton Hour (aka. How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down in The Dump?) – Freddie the Freeloader, Colonel Hogan (Robert Crane) and Sergeant Schultz (John Banner) of Hogan’s Heroes
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Funny movie quotes from Watch the Birdie

Funny movie quotes from Watch the Birdie, starring Red Skelton, Ann Miller, Ann Sothern Rusty Cammeron (Red Skelton): [opening lines] Hiya folks, this is me.Pop Cammeron (Red Skelton): And me.Grandpop Cammeron (Red Skelton): And me.Opening narrator (Red Skelton): [as himself] I’ll tell you what these names mean so...
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