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Funny movie quotes from Double Dynamite

Funny movie quotes from Double Dynamite, starring Groucho Marx, Jane Russell, Frank Sinatra

Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra): And if we did get married, how would we manage? I have nothing. How would we live?
Mildred ‘Mibs’ Goodhug (Jane Russell): I’m sure something would come along.
Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra): Yeah. And we’d have to feed that too.

Mildred ‘Mibs’ Goodhug (Jane Russell): The sun’s still shining in the sky …
Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra): Sure … he doesn’t work for the friendly bank.

Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): I’ve got a horse running in the third who’s so fast that he’ll win the second.

Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra): Do we have to have poetry?
Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): Why not? It goes with the lunch.

[After the waiter has caused his girlfriend to leave him]
Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra): Are you satisfied now?
Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): No … she didn’t leave me a tip.

R.B. ‘Bob’ Pulsifer Jr.: Do you know where he’s gone?
Mildred ‘Mibs’ Goodhug (Jane Russell): No, but I know I’d like him to go … but we don’t have a branch down there.

Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): A woman can smell mink through six inches of lead.

Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): [hiding the $40,000 in gambling winnings in a shower head] This was an inspiration on my part! They’ll never think to look here; who ever heard of a cop taking a shower?

[Finding Emile J. Keck in Johnny Dalton’s bath tub]
Mr. Kofer: Well, I like THIS!
Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): You do? Well, join me!

R.B. Pulsifer Sr.: Do you believe in charity?
Emile J. Keck (Groucho Marx): Giving or receiving?

Mildred ‘Mibs’ Goodhug (Jane Russell): I’m even willing to marry you.
R.B. ‘Bob’ Pulsifer Jr.: Marry? You can’t threaten me. Hello, operator? Get me the police right away!

Rosenthal, Police Dispatcher: The girl, caucasian, brown hair and eyes. Height 5 -7, weight 135 pounds … extremely well distributed.

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