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Obama Budget Plan by Ray Stevens lyrics

Song lyrics to Obama Budget Plan by Ray Stevens

Song lyrics to “Obama Budget Plan” by Ray Stevens — what could possibly be go wrong with printing money to cover your debts?

Well I told my wife we had to get control
of the finances in our household
we had to sit down and make a budget we could live by.

I said we’€™ll list our incomes and all our bills,
so get the bills, honey, if you will,
she got ‘€˜em and stacked ‘€˜em on the table three piles high.

Now, I work two jobs and the wife cleans homes,
our daughter babysits, our son mows lawns,
but that budget wouldn’€™t balance no matter how we tried.

So I said, let’€™s do what the government does, it works for them it might work for us,
so I forgot my morals and ethics and swallowed my pride.

We took out every credit card we could get and loaded them up with the maximum debt
borrowed from friends and family, even took out loans overseas.

I borrowed at work, took credit at the store, ‘€˜til folks just wouldn’€™t give us credit any more,
and I said, ‘€œHoney, the next step is clear to me.’€

Now we got money
Obama money
Yeah we’€™re printin’€™ it in the basement just as fast as we can.
We’€™re makin’€™ money
Obama money
Yeah we’€™re livin’€™ the Obama budget plan.

Well, we didn’€™t use the money to reduce our debt, there was a whole bunch of thing we still wanted to get,
now that we had more money than ever before.
So we built a deck and a patio, put in a pool, bought a second home,
took all of our friends on vacation to Costa del Sol.


Budget ceiling, credit score, don’€™t worry ‘€˜bout that I’€™ll just print more of that money …



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