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Funny movie quotes from You Said a Mouthful

Funny movie quotes from You Said a Mouthful – a very funny romantic comedy starring Ginger Rogers, Joe E. Brown, and Farina

Harry Daniels: Now, everybody, back to your desks and into depression.

Roger Colby: Mr. Holt, I’m Roger Colby, the attorney.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): Well, what of it?
Roger Colby: Well, I’m the correspondent in this city for the law firm in Los Angeles of Bernstein, Bernstein, Bernstein & Jones.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): What a wonder that Jones must be.

Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown) : Say, about how much would a million dollars be?
Roger Colby: Oh, about a million dollars.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): That’s what I thought.

Jones – Attorney: Here we have 5,000 shares of Amalgamated Biscuit stock.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): How much is that worth?
Jones – Attorney: In 1929, at the market peak, it was selling for $500 a share.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown) : 5,000 shares at $500! Gee, that’s marvelous.
Jones – Attorney: But, of course, it’s decreased rapidly in the past three years. Last month the company failed. The stock isn’t worth a nickel today.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): You mean I couldn’t get a nickel for it?
Jones – Attorney: You couldn’t even sell it for wallpaper.

Jones – Attorney: Mr. Holt, this is Sam.
Sam Wellington (Farina): I’m sho’ pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Holt.
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): Me too.
Sam Wellington (Farina): [to Jones] Is this gentleman gonna be my new Pappy?
Jones – Attorney: Yes, Sam.
Sam Wellington (Farina): That’s fine!

Alice Brandon (Ginger Rogers): I can hardly wait to see you in action.

Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown) : I don’t know who they think I am, but, I know that I’m somebody else.

Alice Brandon (Ginger Rogers): Aren’t you the early bird!
Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown) : Just looking for my worm.

Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): I’m dizzy. I’m having hot flashes. My head is heavy. I’ve got red and green specks before my eyes. My ears are ringin’. My liver is numb. Say, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that I’m dead! Oh! Oh, Doctor.

Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): Sam, how the – what the – – you’re wonderful! Oh boy, if you could cook, I’d marry you.

Sam Wellington (Farina): Dear Lawd, I ain’t aste you a favor in a long time. So, please listen while I aste you one now. If you wouldn’t trouble you too much, kindly make the Pacific Ocean nice and warm for Mr. Joe – when he swims tomorrow. I would consider it a personal favor if you’d let him win. But, anyhow, don’t let him drown, ’cause he’s the best friend I got in de whole world – – – And P.S. Lawd, kindly keep an eye on the new bathin’ suit Mr. Joe’s gonna wear. ‘Cause if it don’t work good, he’s shore sunk. Amen.

Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown): You said a mouthful.

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