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Funny movie quotes from Three on a Couch

Funny movie quotes from Three on a Couch – one of Jerry Lewis’ underappreciated movies, co-starring Janet Leigh and James Best

Funny movie quotes from Three on a Couch starring Jerry Lewis and Janet Leigh

[Christopher (Jerry Lewis) learns from the French ambassador that he has won a prize for his art work]
The Ambassador: Ze first prise is fifty thousand francs. In American money, zat ees ten thousand dollars.
The Attache: Give or take a little.
Christopher Pride (Jerry Lewis): As long as you give, I’ll take.

[Greeting Elizabeth’s secretary]
Christopher Pride (Jerry Lewis): Hi, Murphy, you precious pussycat!

Dr. Elizabeth Accord (Janet Leigh): Chris, I have patients.
Christopher Pride (Jerry Lewis): I’m losing my patience, Elizabeth. Those patients that you’re talking about you can give to other psychiatrists.  There are many psychiatrists in this town.  For that matter, they’re all in this building.

Mary Lou Mauve: If y’all would ‘scuse me, Ah’m lookin’ for the doctor.
The Drunk: Oh, I happen to be a doctor, but I’m not in surgery today. You see, I’m driving the ambulance. Say, what’s your name?
Mary Lou Mauve: Ah do declare!
The Drunk: Claire? Oh, that’s a pretty name!

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