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Funny movie quotes from Them Thar Hills starring Laurel and Hardy

Funny movie quotes from Them Thar Hills starring Laurel and Hardy

Funny movie quotes from Them Thar Hills, a very funny short film by Laurel and Hardy, where Oliver Hardy needs to go the mountains for a rest, and his friend Stan Laurel “helps” him — and they find out the hard way that their well water has been spiked with moonshine!

The Doctor (Billie Gilbert): That’s the worst case of gout I ever saw.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): What causes it?
The Doctor (Billie Gilbert): Too much high living.
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): In that case we’d better move down to the basement.

The Doctor (Billie Gilbert): Remember, you can’t burn the candle at both ends.
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): We don’t burn candles, we’ve got an electric light.

Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): Why don’t we get one of those trailers to hook on the back of your car. That’s much better than sleeping in a tent. Wouldn’t have to worry about flies.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Can you take one of those things up into the mountains?
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): Sure, right up in the high multitude. What do you think?
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): We can’t afford to buy one of those trailers.
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): We don’t have to buy one, we could rent one. I know a fellow who’s got one for rent and I’ll bet we can get it for next to nothing. I’ll bet if we pay cash we can get it less than that. What do you think?

Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): Your bath’s ready.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): You know I can’t take a bath with this foot. And besides, it isn’t Saturday.

Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): [They have arrived at a clearing up in the mountains] Isn’t this ideal?
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): It sure is. One month up here and we wouldn’t know each other. We’ve got a well and water and lot’s of it and everything.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Go in and ask the folks if they mind if we park here.
[Stan goes up to the door, knocks on it, it opens and the building is empty]
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Anyone home?
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): Not now but there was a minute ago.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Who was it?
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): It was me. You see I was knocking on the door and …
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Nevermind the details. C’mon lets get some food, I’m famished. “I was knocking on the door.”  Hmph!

Mrs. Hall (Mae Busch): I’m so hungry I could eat a horse’s neck.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Get up, Stanley, let the lady sit down, and fix us something to eat. Where are you going?
Stanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): I’m going to look for a horse.
Ollie Hardy (Oliver Hardy): Sit down!

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