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Funny movie quotes from The Croods: A New Age

Funny movie quotes from The Croods: A New Age – the sequel where the Crood family meets the Bettermans. Who think they’re more highly advanced, and superior …

Grug (Nicolas Cage): Hey, everyone, you’ll never guess what I just… [gets attacked by the others]
Ugga (Catherine Keener): Sorry, honey! We thought you were a predator trying to kill us.
Grug (Nicolas Cage): Never apologize for an effective kill circle.

[the spiny mandrilla grabs Eep by her toe]
Eep (Emma Stone): Guess what? That’s not my real toe!

Thunk (Clark Duke): I don’t feel like eating anymore. Am I sick?
Ugga (Catherine Keener): No, son. You’re just full.
Thunk (Clark Duke): Oh. Full feels strange.

Phil Betterman (Peter Dinklage): Gaze upon Phil Betterman the toolmaker and despair!

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Another glorious morning … [gets stepped on by the cat]

Phil Betterman (Peter Dinklage): [talking to the cave people for the first time, gesturing] We … happy … meet …you!
Grug (Nicolas Cage). Thanks.
Hope Betterman (Leslie Mann): Oh!

Phil Betterman (Peter Dinklage): We’re the Bettermans.
Grug (Nicolas Cage): Better … man?
Hope Betterman (Leslie Mann): Accent on the “better”.

Grug (Nicolas Cage): We need to limit Thunk’s window time. [Thunk is sitting in front of the window for hours, like a television]
Thunk (Clark Duke): [To his pet] Not now, Douglas, the birds are on.
Grug (Nicolas Cage): In my day, we didn’t stare at birds … we fought them!
Thunk (Clark Duke): [being dragged away from the window] Let me live my life!

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Hold on, stop! You accessorize with a sloth? I accessorize with a sloth! This is Belt!
Belt (Chris Sanders): Hee hee hee.
Dawn Betterman (Kelly Marie Tran): This is Sash.
Sash (James Ryan): Ooh la la.

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