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Funny movie quotes from Pajama Party

Funny movie quotes from Pajama Party

Funny movie quotes from Pajama Party, a surprisingly funny movie starring Tommy Kirk, Elsa Lanchester, Annette Funicello, Jesse White, Buster Keaton, Don Rickles

Chief Rotten Eagle (Buster Keaton):: Chief Rotten Eagle never get lost! Not always know where he is, but never gets lost!

Fleegle: What are we looking for?
J. Sinister Hulk (Jesse White): Look for anything suspicious!
Chief Rotten Eagle (Buster Keaton): The only thing suspicious is us!

Big Bang The Martian (Don Rickles): [Talking about Go-Go the Martian to Socum] It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just I can’t stand him!

Connie (Annette Funicello): [Talking about Go-Go the Martian] This kid is a kook!
Aunt Wendy (Elsa Lanchester): No, dear not a kook – a Martian.
Connie (Annette Funicello): A Martian!
Aunt Wendy (Elsa Lanchester): From Mars.
Connie (Annette Funicello): Both you birds belong in a clock.

Chief Rotten Eagle (Buster Keaton): Me red man with yellow streak!

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