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Funny movie quotes from Our Wife

Funny movie quotes from Our Wife – a very funny Laurel and Hardy short film, where Stan Laurel “helps” Oliver Hardy elope. Over his future father-in-law’s objection!

Ollie: Goodbye, Ducky Lover.
Dulcy: Goodbye, Dimple Dumpling.
Ollie: Goodbye.
Stan: [on the phone in the other room, having listened in] GOODBYE!

Ollie: Don’t you understand? We’re going to elope. Nobody must know about it. It’s strictly on the qui vive.
Stan: [confused] Qui vive?
Ollie: Certainly. Null… and void. Do you understand?

Father of the Bride (James Finlayson): Who is the lucky boy?
Dulcy: [giddily hands him a photograph] There.
Father of the Bride: [Beaming] Daughter, this is the proudest moment of my life! [Looks at photo of Ollie for the first time, does several double-takes] D’OH!
Dulcy: But Dad…
Father of the Bride: No! Emphatically no! A thousand times no! Young lady, you will remain in this room under lock and key until you come to your senses!

Stan: I’d like to see Mr. Hardy.
Finlayson’s Butler: Hardy?
Stan: Yeah, he’s going to elope with Dulcy.
Ollie: [hears him from behind a bush] Ohhhhhhhhh!
Finlayson’s Butler: Elope? [slams the door] Elope!

Ollie: What are you trying to do now?

Ollie: Ahhhhhhh!!
Stan: What’s the matter?
Ollie: I’m on fire! Do something to help me!

At the Justice of the Peace

Mrs. Gladding: What do you want?
Stan: What do we want?
Ollie: We wanna get married.
Stan: Oh yeah, we wanna get married.
Ollie: Not we, us!
Stan: Not we. Us.
Mrs. Gladding: Well, how about it?
Stan: How about it?
Ollie: How about what?
Stan: How about what?
Mrs. Gladding: What are you talking about?
Stan: What are you talking about?
Ollie: Tell her we want to get married!
Stan: We want to get married.
Mrs. Gladding: Hey! There’s a couple out here that wants to get married, Pa!
William Gladding, Justice of the Peace (Ben Turpin): Okay, I’ll be right up!
Mrs. Gladding: He’ll be right up.
Stan: Who?
Mrs. Gladding: The… [punches Stan] Who!
Ollie: Well how about it?
Stan: How about what?
Ollie: What did she say?
Stan: Who?

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