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Funny movie quotes from Orchestra Wives

Funny movie quotes from Orchestra Wives, where beautiful but naive Connie meets her idol, trumpeter Bill Abbot, while his band’s on tour. After marriage, though, she finds out how catty the other wives can be!

Funny movie quotes from Orchestra Wives

Bill Abbott (George Montgomery): Now listen cutie-pie. I’m a big, bad trumpet player, and never in my life have I seen anything so gorgeous coming off a dance floor. I’ve seen thousands. I’ve kissed some of them, but not like I’m going to kiss you.

Mrs. Beck (Tamara Geva): How about you, Sinjin, when are you getting married?
Sinjin (Cesar Romero): What for? I got a lot of girls that are just pulling their hair waiting for me to call them.
Ben Beck (Jackie Gleason): Why don’t you call ’em?
Sinjin (Cesar Romero): Are you kidding? I’m sick of running around with bald dames.

Bill Abbott (George Montgomery): Why don’t you find someone your own age – about 104?

Ben Beck (Jackie Gleason): [as Bill Abbott approaches yet another pretty girl] There he goes. Out of the frying pan, into the frying pan! 

Cully Anderson (Harry Morgan): I’ll bust ya right where ya sit!
Bill Abbott (George Montgomery): Ah, that would be a foul.

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