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Funny movie quotes from Never Wave at a WAC

Funny movie quotes from Never Wave at a WAC – a buddy comedy about two mismatched ladies who become best friends in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). One’s a self-centered, entitled Senator’s daughter, the other’s a beautiful magazine model who wants to be more.

Lily Mae Gorham (Frieda Inescort): Your father wanted to invite senators Cullen and Clark, but I said ‘no,’ they’re investigating each other.

Sen. Holbrook: So the senator had the floor three hours, eh. What was he speaking about?
Sen. Tom Reynolds (Charles Dingle): He didn’t say.

Andrew McBain (Paul Douglas): Doesn’t it strike you as rather symbolic that the Japanese beetles are destroying our elm trees?
Jo McBain (Rosalind Russell): Yes, since our marriage fell apart at the same time.

Jo McBain (Rosalind Russell): Oh, now father, I’m not greedy – you know that. I don’t mind starting as a major or captain and working my way up on my own merits.
Sen. Tom Reynolds (Charles Dingle): Why, there’s no telling – you might be the first woman general… even president.
Jo McBain (Rosalind Russell): Oh, I’ll let you be president first.

Sergeant interviewer: Do you speak any languages fluently?
Clara Schneiderman (Marie Wilson): Yes, ma’am – English.

Sergeant Taylor: And now, what would you like to do?
Jo McBain (Rosalind Russell): I’d like to murder my father.

Col. Colfax: When are you gonna talk this guy back into uniform so I can order him around?

Clara Schneiderman (Marie Wilson): I’m being watched.
Jo McBain (Rosalind Russell): Look, Schneiderman, you better ease into this spying business gradually – mustn’t overdo, you know.

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