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Funny movie quotes from I Love You Again

Funny movie quotes from I Love You Again, a very funny comedy starring William Powell and Myrna Loy

George Carey (William Powell): You know, a thing like a divorce can break up a marriage!
Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): So I’ve heard.

George Carey (William Powell): You be careful, madam, or you’ll turn my pretty head with your flattery.
Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): I often wished I could turn your head – on a spit, over a slow fire.

Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): Ever since you got off that boat you’ve been chasing me like an amorous goat. You’ve tried your darnedest to make me fall in love with you and now you have. So from now on I’m going to do the chasing, and believe me, brother, you’re going to know you’ve been chased.

Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): What did you put in this coffee?
George Carey (William Powell): Oh, just a little rum.
Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): Why?
George Carey (William Powell): [stammering] Well, because it’s… it’s… it’s healthy, dear! It kills the bugs in the coffee!

Duke Sheldon: Listen, lady. I generally never sock a dame. But I’m inclined to make an exception of you.

‘Doc’ Ryan: [seeing Carey react to beautiful Kay onshore as the ship docks] What’s the matter?
George Carey (William Powell): [reacting to Kay’s beauty] Boy! Eighteen days alone on a boat is certainly a long time to be alone on a boat for eighteen days!

Duke Sheldon: Shut your trap, madam.

Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): Where did you learn to dance like this?
George Carey (William Powell): By mail.

George Carey (William Powell): I’ll never stuff another squirrel as long as I live.

George Carey (William Powell): The air smells different in Habersville!
Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy): That’s the glue factory.

‘Doc’ Ryan: She wasn’t christened ‘darling’ or ‘dear,’ you know!

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