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Funny movie quotes from Godzilla 1998

Funny movie quotes from Godzilla 1998 starring Matthew Broderick

Lucy: He is scum! As far as he’s concerned, you’re just a pair of breasts that talk.
Animal: Hey, there’s an image.

Sergeant O’Neal: I can’t believe it, uh… he did all of this and… we did nothing to him.
Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: Ah, that’s not true. We fed him.

[about breaking up with Niko]
Audrey Timmonds: It’s been eight years. Some people change.
Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: Most people don’t.

Animal: What do we do now?
Philippe: Running would be a good idea.

Sergeant O’Neal: We need bigger guns

Audrey Timmonds: Wait, I don’t get it… If he’s the first of his kind, how can he be pregnant? Doesn’t he need a mate?
Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: Not if he reproduces asexually.
Audrey Timmonds: Where’s the fun in that?

Philippe: I am Philippe Roaché, DGSE – Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure.
Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: It sounds… big.
Philippe: French Secret Service.
Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: Oh.

[Animal appears on TV]
Lucy: That’s my husband! That’s my husband! Oh my… I’m gonna kill him!

[Animal is about to sneak out his apartment window to find Nik and help him]
Audrey Timmonds: Hey where you going?
Animal: Can’t let Lucy know I’m going; she’ll hurt me

Animal: Oh! Oh you gotta be kidding me man, we’re in his mouth! We’re IN HIS MOUTH!

Philippe: [holding up a doughnut] No croissant?

Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: This is not good! This is not good!

Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: [after Godzilla discovers one of his dead offspring] He looks mad!

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