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Funny movie quotes from Easter Parade

Funny movie quotes from Easter Parade, starring Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Ann Miller


Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): Miss Brown, what idiot ever told you you were a dancer?

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): You did.

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): A girl dancer has to be exotic; she has to be – a peach.

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): I suppose I’m a lemon!

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): Was I too terrible?

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): No. No.

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): I’ve never really danced before.

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): You’re going to be fine.

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): Mr. Hewes, Mr. Hewes… You know you don’t have to go on with this.

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): Now look…

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): No, I mean it. You’re the most wonderful dancer I’ve ever seen. You could get anyone to dance with you. You could get the very best.

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): I don’t want the very best. I want you.


[the bartender hands Don his drink]
Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): Can you drown a brunette in this?

Mike the Bartender (Clinton Sundberg): How tall is she?

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): Five foot six.

Mike the Bartender (Clinton Sundberg): [filling the glass a little more] Try this.

Jonathan Harrow III (Peter Lawford): I hope I’m intruding.

Sam – Don’s Valet (Peter Chong): How did the act go, Mr. Hewes?

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): One bow.

Peter Chong : Too bad.

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire): Tomorrow we’d better get some dogs in the act.

Jonathan Harrow III (Peter Lawford): He seems under the impression that you aren’t too fond of him.

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): But I am! Terribly!

Jonathan Harrow III (Peter Lawford): Well, I’m afraid it’s a little late.

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): A little late? Little late? Well, that can’t be! What’ll I do?

Jonathan Harrow III (Peter Lawford): Well, if I loved someone, I’d find a way to let them know it.

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): Well, it’s different with a man.

Jonathan Harrow III (Peter Lawford): Why?

Hannah Brown (Judy Garland): I don’t know. It just is, that’s all. It’s easier.

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