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Funny movie quotes from Chaplin

Funny movie quotes from Chaplin starring Robert Downey Jr.

[Chaplin tells Sennett he intends to leave Sennett’s employ and open his own studio.]
Mack Sennett: Charlie, I’ve been so rotten to you. I don’t know if you can forgive me. I forced you to leave Butte Montana. I made you accept a hundred and fifty per. You mentioned directing and I stuffed that down your throat too. Now tell me how else Uncle Mack can make it up to you!

Douglas Fairbanks: Say, are you two still married or what? I find it all very confusing.
Charlie Chaplin: Mmm… it’s not at all confusing. You see, when everyone thought we were having an affair, we were married. Now that everyone realizes we’re married, we’re getting divorced.
Douglas Fairbanks: Man’s a wizard with women. No question about it.

Charlie Chaplin: If you want to understand me, watch my movies.

[Sennett is explaining the film industry to Chaplin as Rollie edits a film.]
Mack Sennett: Now I know this is all new to ya, but remember something, we’re all new. This is not an ancient industry. This whole place here is built around speed. Start the story, start the chase. I get bored easy.
Rollie Totheroh: How much you reckon Mack? Couple yards of Mabel?
Mack Sennett: Hmm, yeah. Nah, make it three. But don’t go thinking we sacrifice quality. I never make more than two motion pictures a week, but I’ll spend up to a thousand dollars on each of ’em if I have to.

Charlie Chaplin: Nothing quite like it. The feeling of film.

Charlie Chaplin: I’m sorry, I prefer not to shake hands with Nazis.
Nazi: What have you got against us, Mr. Chaplin?
Charlie Chaplin: What have you got against everybody else?

Paulette: Did you lose your other wives this way?
Charlie Chaplin: I think so. But you’d have to ask them.

Charlie Chaplin: Syd, I love this country. That’s why I can make fun of it!

about Hetty Kelly
George Hayden: But you didn’t even kiss her!
Charlie Chaplin: Don’t you think I know that?

Douglas Fairbanks: Charles, you’re a foreigner; you’re still an outsider. You’ve never understood this country.
Charlie Chaplin: It’s a good country underneath, Doug.
Douglas Fairbanks: No, it’s a good country on top. Underneath, that’s what starts showing when we’re scared.

Nazi: Are you a Jew?
Charlie Chaplin: I’m not so honored.

Sydney Chaplin: Nobody wants to see a movie about Adolf Hitler.

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