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Funny movie quotes from Call Me Bwana

Funny movie quotes from Call Me Bwana – a spy farce starring Bob Hope, Anita Eckberg, Edie Adams, Lionel Jeffries

Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): The only wild animal I want to see is the cigarette girl at the Stork Club.

Col. Spencer: Mr. Merriwether. What do I tell the President?
Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): Tell him I voted for Nixon.

Luba (Anita Eckberg): After these few days in the jungle with you, my resistance has collapsed.
Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): Everything else seems to be holding up.

Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): [to Luba’s “father”] Hi, dad, You should get the Nobel Prize for architecture.

Luba (Anita Eckberg): Matt, I meant what I said last night.
Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): [Being carried off by cannibals] Oh, swell… You can shed a few tears on my gravy.

Luba (Anita Eckberg): [re cannibal tribe] Matt, the space capsule. They’re worshipping it.
Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): Maybe they found out what it cost.

Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): [buried in sand up to their necks in the cannibal village] What do we do now?
Frederika (Edie Adams): I suggest we pray.
Ezra (Lionel Jeffries): [Soviet agent] You go ahead; we’re not allowed to.

Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): [to tribal chief, on refusing to sell the space capsule] Because it’s sacred?
Tribal Chief: No, because it really brings in the tourists.

Luba (Anita Eckberg): [Trapped in space capsule] Matt, I can’t breathe!
Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): If you can’t breathe, we’re really in trouble.

Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope): [talking about the baby elephant’s trunk in his and Luba’s apartment] You’re wrong, he’s adopted.

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