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Keep your worms warm

Keep your worms warm

Keep your worms warm – is that the secret to great fishing? Enjoy the joke!A man has been out fishing by the lake all day and hasn’€™t caught anything. He decides to just give up and call it a day, but on his way he notices an old man fishing but a few feet away from him. The man immediately notices the other fisherman has several buckets full of fish, then witnesses him reeling in yet another one.

“Excuse me, sir”, the man says, “I’ve never been able to catch much of anything around here. I’ve got to ask, what’s your secret?”

The old man pauses for a moment, then mumbles “hmmm mmmph mmm mmph mmm hmm mmmph”.

“I’m sorry, could you say that again?”

The man repeats, a little louder this time, “hmmm mmmph mmm mmph mmm hmm mmmph!”

“I-I still didn’t quite get that, sorry”

Finally, the old man picks up a plastic cup, spits a mouthful of live worms into it, and yells “Ya gotta keep your worms warm!”.

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