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Funny movie quotes from Paris Holiday

Funny movie quotes from Paris Holiday (1958) starring Bob Hope, Anita Eckberg, Preston Sturges

[Looking around Paris]
Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): I ought to buy a lot here. This could catch on.

[In broken English]
Fernydel: He is a cool cat.

Fernydel: [Feeling Hunter’€™s ski nose] Extraordinaire! Formidable! Fantastique!
Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): And that’€™s comin’€™ straight from the horse’€™s mouth!

Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): [after a prolonged kiss with Zara] Boy, I’€™m never gonna split a soda with you!

Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): [to Zara as she lights his cigarette] If we get any closer, we won’€™t need a lighter.

Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): Do you know it’€™s mating season for shellfish? Maybe the lobsters are having a hayride tonight.

Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): [after Fernydel covers his deck chair with a blanket] What’€™s the cover charge?

Fernydel: [Pointing when a fake octopus appears on a funhouse ride] Boulliabaise!
Robert Leslie Hunter (Bob Hope): It reminds me I got to write my agent.

Doctor Bernais: [Referring to his mental asylum] We have many actors here – especially since television.

Editorial review of Paris Holiday, starring Bob Hope, Anita Eckberg, courtesy of Amazon.com

After a dramatic turn in Beau James Bob Hope returned to comedy and co-starred with French comedian Fernandel in Paris Holiday. Hope plays Robert Hunter an actor traveling to Paris to purchase a screenplay only to find himself mixed up with counterfeits. While Hunter has his eye on diplomat Ann McCall (Martha Hyer – Houseboat The Chase) a sexy spy named Zara (the luscious Anita Ekberg – Miss Sweden 1950) has her eye on the screenplay. Hope produced the film and penned the original story. The screenwriting duty went to long-time collaborator Edmund Beloin (My Favorite Brunette, Road To Rio and The Lemon Drop Kid) and Dean Riesner (Dirty Harry and Play Misty For Me). Behind the camera was Gerd Oswald who directed A Kiss Before Dying (1956) and the cult film Screaming Mimi co-starring Miss Ekberg. The film also features prominent film director Preston Sturges (The Lady Eve and The Palm Beach Story) in a small role.System Requirements: Running Time 100

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