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Funny movie quotes from Beer and Pretzels

Funny movie quotes from Beer and Pretzels starring Ted Healy and the Three Stooges

Stage Manager: Get out in that gutter where you belong!
Ted Healy: I’ll go out in the gutter, but I don’t belong!

Moe Howard: Let me tell you a thing or two, if it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t be thrown out of these theaters, always foolin’ around with the girls instead of rehearsin’ the act!
Larry Fine: Yeah, I heard ya tell that girl you were gonna put her name in electric lights!
Ted Healy: Is that what I said?
Larry Fine: Yeah!
Ted Healy: you know, I was thinking of something else.  Let me tell you, from now on, I am serious, no more girls, strictly business!
Larry Fine: You mean, that?
Ted Healy: If I am lying, I hope you drop dead!
[pretty girl walks by]
Ted Healy: [to Larry] Hee-hee, you haven’t got long to live, son!

Ted Healy: Hey, you know, you’re a beautiful creature, how ah, how would you like your name in electric lights?
Bonnie: I’d like it.
Ted Healy: So would I!

Ted Healy: [to Bonnie] Did you ever hear of, Garbo and Harlow?
Moe Howard: [to Ted] Did you ever hear of a bowl of soup?
Curly Howard: Yeah, when do we eat?


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