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Funny movie quotes from 42nd Street

Funny movie quotes from 42nd Street – the classic film about a Broadway musical production, filled with lots of snarky humor! Enjoy!

Ann Lowell (Ginger Rogers): [to chorus girl] It must have been hard on your mother, not having any children.

Jerry: It seems that little Loraine’s hit the bottle again.

Mac Elroy (Allen Jenkins): Yah, the peroxide bottle.

Ann Lowell (Ginger Rogers): [at a party, drinking alcohol – hiccups] Excuse me. It’s the tight shoes.

Loraine (Una Merkel): You remember Anne Lowell?

Andy Lee (George E. Stone): Not Anytime Annie? Say, who could forget ‘er? She only said “No” once, and THEN she didn’t hear the question!

Billy Lawler (Dick Powell): [to Peggy Sawyer] Hey, I’ve been for you ever since you walked in on me in my BVD’s.

Dorothy Brock (Bebe Daniels): [to her replacement, Peggy] Now go out there and be so swell that you’ll make me hate you!

Barry (Ned Sparks): He looks like a Bulgarian boll weevil mourning its first-born.

Author of ‘Pretty Lady’ (Charles Lane): [Reacting to Dorothy Brock’s tantrum] In a star it’s temperament, but in a chorus girl it’s just bad taste.

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