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Funny movie quotes from Bachelor in Paradise

Funny movie quotes from Bachelor in Paradise – a romantic comedy starring Bob Hope and Lana Turner

[after entering his house in Paradise]
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): It’s charming. What do you call this style… early Disneyland?

Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): [Pulls into the driveway of the home he’s just rented in Paradise] It’s pink.
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): It’s not pink, its “California coral”.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Who comes up with the names of colors in this country, Tennessee Williams?

Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): What do you say we break out of here tonight and let me take you to dinner?
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): Thank you, but I have a business appointment.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Oh… What about tomorrow night? Lonely bachelors should stick together, don’t you think?
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): Oh, definitely! And if I find one that I think you’d like, I’ll let you know, Mr. Adams. Good bye!

Peter Pickering: [Along with his sister, Sissy, coming over to meet their new neighbor] Hi. Who are you?
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): I’m Mr. Adams. I’m moving in here.
Peter Pickering: I’m Peter. I live down there.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Down where?
Peter Pickering: I won’t tell you. I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.
Sissy ‘Mrs. McIntyre’ Pickering: Is he a stranger?
Peter Pickering: [Motioning to his sister, who appears to be about 4 years old] Sure… This is my sister, Mrs. McIntyre.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): “Mrs.” McIntyre? Well, ma’am, how do you do?
Sissy ‘Mrs. McIntyre’ Pickering: How do I do what?
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): [Making a face] It’s just not my day for women.

[fire department arrives when Niles’ washing machine overflows]
Fireman: There’s no fire?
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Well if I hollered “Soap!” who’d come?

Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): [At a Hawaiian-themed restaurant, watching while the bartender is garnishing an elaborate cocktail] Is he a bartender or a landscape architect?
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): He’s an artist! Would you care for a “Scorpion’s Kiss”?
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): Oh, is that what they’re called?
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Mm hmm… And this is a “Bikini”.
Rosemary Howard: That’s an odd name for a drink: “Bikini”.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): That’s because there’s not much to it, but it hits the right spots.
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): [starting to giggle] Oh. Well, I’ve had two, and I don’t feel a thing.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Oh, we better get you another one.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): [Calling to the bartender] Hey, innkeeper, another brace of Bikinis, please.
Bartender: Sorry, sir, only two to a customer.
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): Oh, come on!
Bartender: Sorry, ma’am. That’s a very powerful drink. There’s an old Tahitian saying: “Okka noku pama, talla peeno pulla okka”.
Rosemary Howard (Lana Turner): Oh… Just what does that old Tahitian mean by that?
Bartender: Who knows? I’m from San Francisco.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Loopholes everywhere!

Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Now, let me see. You’ll be my landlady and secretary, and I’ll be your tenant and your boss.
Rosemary Howard: A very involved relationship.
Adam J. Niles (Bob Hope): Yeah, and if you raise my rent, I’ll lower your salary.
Rosemary Howard: You lower my salary, I’ll raise my voice!


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