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A Christmas Poem For Mom

A Christmas Poem For Mom – Cute, funny poem for your mother … have you called her lately?

For all the nights you stayed up late
to trim the Christmas tree,
For all the costly presents
That you purchased just for me …

For all the times you tucked me in
And read me stories too,
For all the ways you cheered me up
When I was feeling blue …

For all the cookies that you baked
And stockings that you stuffed,
For all the messes you cleaned up
And pillows that you fluffed …

For all the days you loved me,
Even when I made it hard,
For all these things, and much,much more …
Here’€™s a Christmas card!

(Kinda makes it all seem worth it, doesn’€™t it, Mom? … Mom?)
Merry Christmas

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