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Another reason to not drink

Another reason to not drink – And be sure you know *who* you’re drinking with – especially in Metropolis!

Two men were drinking at a bar on the 10th story of a building in a major metropolis. One man said to the other, “See that window over there? Well, if you were to jump out that window, the air pressure rising from the city’s activity would keep you from hitting the ground. If there’s enough activity in the city, not only won’t you hit the ground, but you’ll also fly back up to the window.”

The second man said, ‘You’re crazy! What kind of fool do you take me for?’

The first man replied, ‘Here. I’ll show you.’

He went over to the window and jumped out. Seconds later, he rose back up to the window ledge and came back in the bar.

‘See? Now you try it. It’s fun.’

The second man couldn’t believe it. He reached over and patted his friend to make sure he’s real. Then he said to the bartender, ‘I’m going to do it!’ He walked over to the window, climbed out on the ledge and jumped.

As soon as he started falling, he started screaming. Just as he hit the ground ten stories below, the bartender turns to the first man and said, ‘Clark Kent, you sure are a mean drunk.’

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