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A guy and a girl are going to prom

She wants a new dress, so they spend time shopping for the dress and he stands in line for the checkout for a very long time, but eventually makes it to the counter to buy the dress for her.

She also asks for a corsage, so the guy goes to the floral shop to buy her a corsage. The line is very long but eventually he is able to purchase her a corsage.

She asks to take a limo, and so the guy goes to rent a limo but the line is really long to rent a Iimo. Eventually he pays for the limo and they go to the prom together.

When they get to the school, there’s a line to get in, and after waiting awhile they’re finally at the prom.

She asks if he would go get her some punch, so he goes over to the table and there’s no punch line.

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