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What have you done for me lately?

A traveler for a big publishing house couldn’t wait to get to St. Louis, where his oldest friend owned a prosperous bookstore.

“Sam,” he said to the owner the moment they were alone, “I want you to lend me $2000.00.”

“The answer, Joe,” said Sam, “is positively no.”

“But, Sam,” protested the salesman, “In 1929, when Bond and Share broke from 189 to 50, who gave you ten thousand dollars to keep you from being wiped out?” “

You did,” admitted Sam. “

And in 1931, when your daughter Shirley had that tropical disease, who took her down to Florida because you couldn’t get away from business, who did, Sam?”

“You, my friend, you did.”

“And in 1933, when we were fishing together, who dove into the rapids and saved you from drowning at the risk of his own life?”

“You did, Joe. It was wonderful!”

“Well, then, Sam, in Heaven’s name, why won’t you lend me $2000.00 now when I need it?”

“All the things you say are true,” said Sam, nodding his head slowly, “But what have you done for me lately?” . . .

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