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God and the cliffhanger

God and the cliffhanger – just how much do you trust God, in the final analysis?

A man tips over the edge of a cliff, falling to his doom. As he’€™s falling he manages to grab onto a tree about 15 feet down, growing out from the side of the cliff. The man is hanging there and he looks down and sees this 200 feet drop below him, but he knows he’€™s only 15 feet from the top of cliff. Looking up he cries out for help, ‘€œIs there anybody up there?’€

Much to his surprise he is heard. A Voice replies which can only be that of the Lord , ‘€œLet … go…’€

The man looks down at the 200 feet drop, and then looking up once more, cries out, ‘€œIs there anybody else up there?’€

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