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Funny movie quotes from The Young in Heart

Funny movie quotes from The Young in Heart, starring Janet Gaynor, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Roland Young, Billie Burke, Paulette Goddard

Funny movie quotes from The Young in Heart, a very funny movie about a family of four grifters, who save the life of an elderly spinster.  They pretend to be upstanding citizens in order to maintain their con, but slowly begin to change …

Marmy Carleton (Billie Burke): The sahib doesn’t believe in unemployment.
Mrs. Jennings: He doesn’t?
Marmy Carleton (Billie Burke): He thinks it should all be done away with.
Mrs. Jennings: How interesting!
Marmy Carleton (Billie Burke): He says the only way to do away with unemployment is to do away with employment. If nobody worked, there couldn’t be any unemployment, and so the sahib hasn’t done a speck of work in four years.

Leslie Saunders (Paulette Goddard): Well, what can you do besides look rather too good-looking?
Richard Carleton (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.): Well, I… I’m, a championship swimmer, play a rattling good game of tennis, fair golf, and I rumba like the angel Gabriel.

Duncan Macrae: You’re a bad mannered, bad-tempered, outrageous female, but I have discovered that I cannot live without you.

Richard Carleton (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.): Do you think people ever change?
George-Anne Carleton (Janey Gaynor): Not us… ever. We just aren’t any good.
Richard Carleton (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.): I think I am.
George-Anne Carleton (Janey Gaynor): Don’t make me tired.

Richard Carleton (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.): Don’t hydraulic engineers ever rumba?
Leslie Saunders (Paulette Goddard): Rarely, and not very well.

Marmy Carleton (Billie Burke): My little girl’s going to have a birthday this year.

Miss Fortune: Wasn’t it Rossetti who said something like that somewhere? Beauty, without the beloved is a sword through the heart.”

George-Anne Carleton (Janey Gaynor): Did you ever know anybody who married for love?

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