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Funny movie quotes from The Invisible Woman

Funny movie quotes from  The Invisible Woman (1940)

Funny movie quotes from The Invisible Woman, starring Virginia Bruce, Charles Lane, John Barrymore.  The third entry in Universal’s Invisible Man series of movies was .. an enjoyable comedy!

Attorney: Where is he? Where is he? Get up! Get up!
George: I am up. I was up. And I’ve been up all night. I would have stayed up if you hadn’t knocked me down.

Kitty Carroll: Whew! Kinda chilly. I wonder how the nudists stand it.

Prof. Gibbs: [to a seemingly empty car, driven by the invisible woman] Put yourself into the garage, lazy bones!

Prof. Gibbs: [pointing to stuffed head] Did you shoot that elk?
George: No, I think it was born there.

Richard Russell: Stop breathing down my neck.
George: It’s the breath of pleasure, sir. And perhaps a touch of garlic.

Prof. Gibbs: If more women were invisible, life would be much less complicated.
Richard Russell: And much less interesting.

George: Invisible women! These days you can’t believe your own eyes, even if you don’t see anything.

Kitty Carroll: [to Prof. Gibbs] I’ve got to be visible.
Richard Russell: [to Prof. Gibbs] Think of my suspense.

George: Looking at a woman is only the first step to trouble. You look, she smiles. You soften, she sues.

Richard Russell: Well, now where are you?
Kitty Carroll: At the end of the cigarette.

Richard Russell: Any girl that’d become invisible can’t be very easy on the eyes.

Kitty Carroll: It so happens that by profession I’m a model.
Richard Russell: What for, piano legs?
Kitty Carroll: Any time you have a piano with legs like mine, sonny, run, do not walk, to your nearest music store.

Kitty Carroll: Well at least the stockings are dry.
[Richard Russell looks at Kitty Carroll putting on the stockings]
Kitty Carroll: Now to find my feet.
[starts putting on the stocking]
Kitty Carroll: This is worst than dressing in the dark.
[pulls up the stocking over her left invisible leg]
Kitty Carroll: There, now we’ll see who’s stalling!

Foghorn: Put that away. Scientists don’t carry tommy guns.
Bill: Say, maybe we should have brought a butterfly net, huh?

[George throws the contents of a goldfish bowl over Richard]
Richard Russell: George, did you have to throw the fish?
George: It’s Friday, sir.

Foghorn: Stick ’em up!
Want-Ad Clerk: Aw, go on home to your mother.

[Foghorn, now a falsetto, is at the door]
Richard Russell: Who is it?
George: I don’t know, sir, but it sounds like Jenny Lind.

Richard Russell: Call the airport. We’re leaving.
George: Oh, airport!
Richard Russell: No, on the phone.

Prof. Gibbs: So you see the entire principle is a combination of chemical, biological, and dynamic influences
Blackie: Cut out the stalling! For an hour you’ve been using big words!
Kitty Carroll: Yes Professor, for the love of Mike cut out the stalling. I want to go home.
Blackie: You’ll both go home on a slab if this guy don’t come through. I want to be invisible!
Prof. Gibbs: I don’t blame you. It would be a decided improvement.

Bill: Come on lady, be a gentleman about this!

Prof. Gibbs: [After the birth of the invisible baby] Hereditary.

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