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Funny movie quotes from Blotto

Funny movie quotes from one of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy’s funniest short films, Blotto – where they sneak away from their wives for a night of drinking – during Prohibition!

Mrs. Laurel: [Calling after Stan as he leaves the house] Good-bye dear.
[Looking into bushes where Ollie is hiding]
Mrs. Laurel: And good-bye, Mr. Hardy.

Mrs. Laurel: How much does that gun cost?
Shopkeeper: Oh, you mean the one with the double barrel?
Mrs. Laurel: Yes!
Shopkeeper: Oh, step inside, please. Step inside.
Mrs. Laurel: [follows him inside shop] And I’d like to buy a box of bullets too.

Ollie: [Drinking cold tea, thinking that’s its liquor] You certainly can tell good liquor when you taste it!

Stan Laurel: [amidst laughing hysterically, sees his wife at another table] We drank your liquor!
Mrs. Laurel: That wasn’t liquor; it was cold tea!

Oliver Hardy: [Last lines to Cab Driver. Running out of the club with Stan and Mrs. Laurel in pursuit] Out of the city! Anywhere! Anyplace!

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