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Funny movie quotes from Bonnie Scotland

Funny movie quotes from Bonnie Scotland, starring Laurel and Hardy

Bonnie Scotland involves Laurel and Hardy heading to Scotland, where they hope to inherit “Stan MacLaurel’s” inheritance – and end up joining the Scottish Army!

Ollie (Oliver Hardy): We would like for you to give us a room and a bath.
Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): I can give you the room, but you’ll have to take the bath yourself.

Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): You see, he had a no-good son by name of Sandy, who ran away to America and married a Queen.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Royalty?
Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): Royalty!  No, a burlesque queen!  One of those play actors, and the old man never forgive him.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Well, what became of Sandy?
Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): They had a wee baby boy, and when Sandy saw the baby for the first time, he committed suicide.
Stanley MacLaurel (Stan Laurel): Can you beat that? What a face that kid must have had.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Sandy was your father, and I don’t blame him.

Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): Where is Mr. Hardy? I haven’t seen him in the past three weeks.
Stanley MacLaurel (Stan Laurel): Oh, he’s awful sick.
Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): Is that a fact?
Stanley MacLaurel (Stan Laurel): Hoot, ma’am. You know the day he fell in the water he got an awful cold, and it turned into pneumatics.
Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): Is he very sick?
Stanley MacLaurel (Stan Laurel): You’re darn hootin’ he’s sick! You know the only thing he can keep on his stomach is a hot water bottle.
Mrs Bickerdike (Mary Gordon): My, my, what a predicament!
Stanley MacLaurel (Stan Laurel): Yeah! I think he’s got that too.

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