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Barack Obama Statue Committee

Barack Obama Statue Committee – Anyone who doesn’t willingly donate, will, of course, be audited by the IRS. Coincidentally.

Barack Obama Statue Committee

Dear Friend and Fellow Voter:

We have the distinguished honor of being on the committee for raising five million dollars for the purpose of placing a statue of Barack Obama in the Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.

This committee was in a quandary as to where to place the statue.

It was decided that it would not be wise to place the statue next to the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, nor would it be proper to place the statue next to the statue of Richard Nixon, who never told the truth, because Barack Obama could never tell the difference.

We finally decided to place it next to the statue of Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of all time.  You will remember that Columbus left home not knowing where he was going. Upon arriving at a destination had no idea where he was. When returning home he did not know where he had been, (although he took all the credit) and Columbus did it all on somebody else’s money.

If you are one of the fortunate people who have anything left after paying your taxes, we will expect a generous donation from you for this worthwhile project.


John Paul Jones
Chairman, Barack Obama Statue Committee

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