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Microsoft Buys Christmas

Microsoft Buys Christmas – So, what would happen if Microsoft were to attempt to purchase the Christmas holiday? NORTH POLE (API) – MICROSOFT announced an agreement with Santa Claus Industries to acquire Christmas at a press conference held via satellite from Santa’s summer estate somewhere in the southern...
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A Police Officer’s Night Before Christmas

A Police Officer's Night Before Christmas
A Police Officer’s Night Before Christmas – A very touching version of Clement Moore’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – as Santa Claus visits a sleeping cop. A warm tribute to all police officers everywhere. Code Four and Good Night. Cops Night Before Christmas ‘€˜Twas the night before Christmas,Yet...
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A Santa Claus Pun

A Santa Claus Pun – A pun that’s truly atrocious – a ‘groaner’ as we call them around here, dealing with Santa Claus and his reindeer. It put a smile on my face, and I hope it puts a smile on yours as well. As you know, it is...
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