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Stick Out Your Tongue joke

Stick Out Your Tongue – a funny series of jokes between Red Skelton and Reginald Denny, on the Red Skelton Show season 4. Reggie is convinced that Red’s under the weather, and simply wants him to stick out his tongue …
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Quotes from The Three Doctors

Quotes from The Three Doctors – Doctor Who season 10 I’m a fan of the BBC series Doctor Who, and The Three Doctors is the first time that three different incarnations of the time-traveling Doctor worked together. And two of “him” don’t quite get along …
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Funny quotes from A Taste of Money

In The Red Skelton Show episode, A Taste of Money, Red Skelton‘s con man character San Fernando Red tries to scam a rich widow … by pretending to be her long-lost son. [Ruby’s husband needs an operation.]Ruby (Allison McKay): Twenty years ago, my husband swallowed a fifty cent...
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Jokes from Here Comes the Bribe

Jokes from The Red Skelton Show episode, Here Comes the Bribe Red Skelton‘s cowboy character, Sheriff Deadeye, is running for re-election in Here Comes the Bribe … Corruption? What corruption? Pretty girl: How are you going to get re-elected this year, Deadeye?Deadeye: By kissing babies and giving them...
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