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Funny movie quotes from DuBarry was a Lady

Funny movie quotes from DuBarry was a Lady co-starring Red Skelton and Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly, Virginia Mayo, Zero Mostel

Alec Howe (Gene Kelly): [about May Daly] Isn’t she wonderful?
Taliostra (Zero Mostel): What’€™s so wonderful about her? Take away her eyes, her nose, her lips, and what have you got? A blank expression.

Alec Howe (Gene Kelly): You’re human aren’t you?
May Daly (Lucille Ball): I hope not!

Ginny (Virginia O’Brien): Will nothing come of our beautiful friendship?
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Not if I have anything to say about it!
Ginny (Virginia O’€™Brien): Can’€™t you see I love you and want you for the father of my children?
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): I didn’t know you had any!

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): My boarding house is so crowded, we have to take showers piggyback.

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): You remind me of one of those girls in Esquire, the ones with clothes on, of course.

Red Skelton and Lucille Ball in "Du Barry Was a Lady"Old lady: Next time I get hitched it’€™s for dough.

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Why is it the rich people have all the money?

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): My whole life I’ve been kind to dumb animals, but this is the first time a dumb animal’€™s been kind to me!

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Are you wearing my old suit? It’€™s too small for you, isn’t it?
Charlie (Rags Ragland): Nah, I’m just too far into it.

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Money ain’t changed me, I’€™m still lovable!

Charlie (Rags Ragland): Hey, Slim! Watch your hat? Watch your derby?

May Daly (Lucille Ball): I see you want to buy me.
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Gosh no, Miss Daly, I want to marry you!

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Hey everybody, guess what? May’€™s getting married! To me!

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Don’€™t talk to May like that, or I’ll slug you!
Alec Howe (Gene Kelly): Oh, yeah?
[May slaps him]
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): And there’€™s plenty more where that came from!

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): She’€™s just excited. She’€™s never married before.

Charlie (Rags Ragland): We’ll slip him a Rooney.
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): A Rooney? What’€™s that?
Charlie (Rags Ragland): It’€™s a high-powered Mickey.

Louis Blore (Red Skelton): Here’€™s to I, May, and you ‘€“ the eternal rectangle. If this was back in the glorious days of France, I would be King Louis, May would be Du Barry, and you would be one of the common folks – a peasant.

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): [singing] Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la you’ve come to wash my face!
Maids: [singing in return] Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la we’€™ve come to wash your face!

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): Hey! Men don’€™t kiss men!
Dauphin (Rags Ragland): They do in France, Pop.

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): What’€™s this?
Duc de Rigor: Your breakfast, Sire.
King Louis XV (Red Skelton): Well, who eats who?

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): What’€™s the setup around here, am I really the King?
Dauphin (Rags Ragland): Anyone who says you ain’t, dies.

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): Don’€™t you know that kings can do no wrong?
Madame Du Barry (Lucille Ball): That’€™s my plan!

Madame Du Barry (Lucille Ball): He’€™s mad about me!
Ginny (Virginia O’Brien): They’re all mad, about you!

Duc de Rigor: Who dares to interfere?
King Louis XV (Red Skelton): Me! My Majesty!

Black Arrow (Gene Kelly): Be brave, my friend, you’€™re dying for your country.
Taliostra: (Zero Mostel): Yeah, but I was born in the city!
Dauphin (Rags Ragland): Get your Daily Chopping Guide! You can’€™t tell which head is which without a program!

Charlie (Rags Ragland): That’€™s OK, he’€™s snapping back to abnormal now.

Ginny (Virginia O’Brien): You never look at me like that.
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): You never look like that.

Alec Howe (Gene Kelly): You know, it’€™s too bad May couldn’€™t marry for love and money.
Louis Blore (Red Skelton): You mean sort of a double wedding?

Black Arrow (Gene Kelly): How embarrassing, to be found hiding behind a woman’€™s skirts.

Black Arrow (Gene Kelly): Du Barry! That jay! That Jezebel! That spoiler of kings!
Madame Du Barry (Lucille Ball): Isn’t he wonderful?
Black Arrow (Gene Kelly): Does she love the king? No! She loves rubies! So your children go hungry! She loves silks! So your wives go naked!
Madame Du Barry (Lucille Ball): [dreamily] Look at his eyes.

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): We’ll give him a fair trial. Then we’ll hang him.

King Louis XV (Red Skelton): For parading without a license, each of you gets thirty days. For planning to knock me off, you get the guillotine.

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