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Short Star Trek Jokes

Short Star Trek Jokes – short jokes and puns about the various Star Trek characters. My favorite is, ‘what would the doctors call their medical practice if they jointly worked together? Bashir, Bones and Crusher.’

Question: Why did Worf change his hair color?
Answer: It was a good day to dye.

Question:Have you heard the new Klingon army motto?
Answer: Join the Klingon army. Visit exotic planets, meet interesting people, and kill them!

Tribbles are sweet
… but they can be bitter if you overcook them.

He’s dead Jim
… I’ll get his tricorder, you get his wallet.

Visit Odo’s gym … get into shape. ANY shape!

We are Microsoft!
…You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!

Did you hear that the Star Trek Doctors from The Next Generation, The Original Series and Deep Space Nine are setting up their own medical practice?
They’re going to call it ‘Crusher, Bones and Bashir.’

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