Funny movie quotes from Pinocchio (1976)

Fox (Flip Wilson), Pinocchio (Sandy Duncan), Cat (Liz Torres)
Funny movie quotes from Pinocchio (1976) starring Danny Kaye, Sandy Duncan Pinocchio: How much did that book cost?Geppetto: That’s none of you business.Pinocchio: Papa how did you pay for that book?Geppetto: I no answer those questions.Pinocchio: Papa, did you sell something?Geppetto: I no sell anything!Pinocchio: Where’s your coat?Geppetto: I...
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Funny Tombstone Messages

Typically, the carvings on a grave marker give the deceased’s name, birth date, and death date. But sometimes they leave a funny tombstone message as well!
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Rabbit Dad Jokes

Rabbit Dad Jokes – a series of groaner puns, each slightly worse that the one before it, dealing with bunny rabbits! Enjoy!
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Funny movie quotes from The Aristocats

Funny movie quotes from The Aristocats – starring Phil Harris, Eva Gabor Enjoy the Funny movie quotes from The Aristocats – Disney’s animated classic, about a family of cats that inherit a fortune …. And a whole lot of trouble!
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Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day July 2023

Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day July 2023– It’s sad, but true — the sitting president of the USA literally lies blatantly, on a daily basis. And sometimes they’re unintentionally hilarious! Sadly, updated daily.
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