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Movie quotes from Five Weeks in a Balloon

Funny movie quotes from Five Weeks in a Balloon starring Cedric Hardwicke, Richard Haydn, Red Buttons, Barbara Eden, Fabian, BarBara Luna, Peter Lorre

[the balloon is about to land in the middle of the jungle]
Sir Henry Vining (Richard Haydn): It’s a forest full of trees!

Sir Henry Vining (Richard Haydn): [frisking Ahmed] What have you got there?
Ahmed (Peter Lorre): Nice medals, huh?
Sir Henry Vining (Richard Haydn): British campaign medals. Professor, look at these. China, India… Where did you steal these from?
Ahmed (Peter Lorre): What? I don’t steal! I am an honest slave trader. Oh, yes, little things, they come my way once in a while…

Susan Gale (Barbara Eden): I was teaching at the Dodoma mission when he [points at Ahmed] raided us.
Ahmed (Peter Lorre): [nonchalantly] Business is business.

Susan Gale (Barbara Eden): Trafficking in human lives is everybody’s concern. Either you are for it or against it.
Ahmed (Peter Lorre): [timidly] I am for it.

Ahmed (Peter Lorre): What about breakfast? Can’t you see I’m fading away?

Sir Henry Vining (Richard Haydn): [referring to the sandstorm] Can’t you do something?
Professor Fergusson (Cedric Hardwicke): Lend me your teapot, and I’ll make you a cup of tea.

Ahmed (Peter Lorre): Professor, I protest! I wasn’t born to work.

Ahmed (Peter Lorre): What will they want me to do next? I’m not a slave! I sell them.

Sheik Ageiba (Henry Daniell): [to Fergusson] In Timbuktu it is much safer to be a villain than an infidel.


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