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Funny movie quotes from Unaccustomed as We Are

Funny movie quotes from Unaccustomed as We Are, Laurel and Hardy‘s first talking film – and very funny!

Title card: The world over — a wife loves to have her husband bring a friend home to dinner — As a surprise —

Oliver Hardy: I brought him home for dinner, Mrs. Kennedy.
Mrs. Kennedy (Thelma Todd): How lovely, Mr. Hardy.
Oliver Hardy: How is Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy?
Mrs. Kennedy (Thelma Todd): He’s fine, Mr. Hardy.
Oliver Hardy: Is Mr. Kennedy home, Mrs. Kennedy?
Mrs. Kennedy (Thelma Todd): Not yes, Mr. Hardy.  I must be going.  Good night, Mr. Hardy.
Oliver Hardy: Good night, Mrs. Kennedy.  [to Stan] That was Mrs. Kennedy.
Stan Laurel: I was wondering who it was.

Oliver Hardy: Why don’t you do something to help me?
Stan Laurel: Like what?
Oliver Hardy: Set the table — you don’t need any brains for that.

Oliver Hardy: Go in and light the oven.  And pick your feet up.  Take your hat off. [Stan complies] Good.  Now light the stove. [Stan puts the hat back on, goes into the kitchen]

Oliver Hardy: I was cooking dinner for my friend and I, and I had a slight accident.

Oliver Hardy: Thank you, Mrs. Kennedy.  [she goes into the kitchen]
Stan Laurel: Was that Mrs. Kennedy?
Oliver Hardy: Oh, shut up.

Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): It will only take a moment to put on another dress, Mr. Hardy.
Oliver Hardy: Are you sure I can’t help you, Mrs. Kennedy?

Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): Puddin’.
Oliver Hardy: What do you mean, “Puddin”?

Oliver Hardy: You’ve broken the camel’s back once too often.

Oliver Hardy: And I’m burning my bridges behind me.
Stan Laurel: Burning your what?
Oliver Hardy: Burning my bridges behind me.
Stan Laurel: Oh, I thought you said “britches.”

Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): What do you mean by taking this poor little innocent [Oliver] to South America, and getting him to burn his bridges, when he never even started a fire in his life?

Mrs. Kennedy (Thelma Todd): I’m a cluck, am I?  You get a load of my technique! [throws vase at her husband]

Stan Laurel: Good night, Mr. Hardy. [noisily falls down stairs]

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