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Funny movie quotes from Beau Hunks

Funny movie quotes from Beau Hunks, starring Laurel and Hardy

Opening narrative panel: Love comes: Mr. Hardy is at last conscious of the grand passion — Mr. Laurel isn’t even conscious of the Grand Canyon.

Ollie (Oliver Hardy): I’m going to be married.
Stan (Stan Laurel): You don’t believe me.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Yes I don’t beli- what do you mean you don’t believe me?!

Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Didn’t I just tell you I was going to be married?
Stan (Stan Laurel): Who to?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Why, a woman of course. Did you ever hear of anybody marrying a man?
Stan (Stan Laurel): Sure.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Who?
Stan (Stan Laurel): My sister.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): This is no time for levity

Ollie (Oliver Hardy): She’s the sweetest girl in the world, and she’s mine, all mine. Well, what do you think of it?
Stan (Stan Laurel): What does “levity” mean?

[There’s a knock at the door. Stan picks up the phone]
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): What are you doing?
Stan (Stan Laurel): There’s somebody knocking on the phone.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): See? That’s levity.
Stan (Stan Laurel): Hello, Mr. Levity?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Answer the door! “Mr. Levity”. Mmph!

[Ollie sighing after Stan reads to him the letter from Jeanie-Weenie]
Stan (Stan Laurel): What’s the matter?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Didn’t you read it?
Stan (Stan Laurel): Yeah but I wasn’t listening.

Commandant: You there, what is your number?
Stan (Stan Laurel): Hollywood-4368.

Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Come, Stanley.
Stan (Stan Laurel): Where we going?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): We’re going where we can forget!
Stan (Stan Laurel): What do you mean we’ve got to forget?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): None of your business, let’s go!

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